Introducing our latest product: The BAKBY clock.
Used during charging of your BEV or PHEV at public charging stations, the BAKBY is a convenient way of letting other EV owners when you’re likely to return. So they could either stay until you return or decide to carry on with their journey, maybe to the next available charging station.
I’ve been on the other side of the coin when I’ve turned up to a charging point and had no idea when the owner was likely to return. I thought “if only there was some form of notice within the windscreen…”

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We have two Zappi charging units at our location, north of Canterbury, Kent. We’re listed on both Zap-Map and Plugshare.

Please contact us beforehand to make sure that they are available. There’s a garden you can sit in whilst charging, maybe with some tea and coffees, WiFi available or if you need to pop into town we could arrange transport.
Payment is made with debit/credit card.

Nissan Leaf Dust Cap

Dust / Water cap to avoid corrosion of the Nissan Leaf (2019/20) shock absorber head and nut.
Available in black, white or grey. Please specify when ordering.

If you have a specific make and model of a vehicle that you would like a cap to be fabricated for the same purpose then please contact me.

This product is neither sanctioned or approved by the Nissan motor company and use is entirely at the owners risk.

Buy now from £2.75 excl VAT + postage using PayPal™ or eBay™