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Millen Corporation has now further increased capability of its TrCAMS™ Solution, for Remote Monitoring of Traffic Signal Controllers, by allowing data to be transmitted from TrCAMS™ to a UTMC CDB using XML.
The data can be transferred using FTP, FTPS, HTTP Post or HTTPS Post using the UTMC XML Schema.

The company was founded in 1994 as "Millen Aviation Services", later operated out of Rochester Airport; the company expanded into traffic signal software solutions in 1997 and became The Millen Corporation Ltd.

Firstly with ECHOES, MS-DOS based interrogation tool for traffic signal controllers, then became CATS (a Windows based application) in 2001. Along with the supporting software, Echoes File Management System and Echoes File Writer, CATS has been a leading software package for communicating directly with traffic light signal controllers for the past 12 years.

Now in 2013 the company has gone a step further with remote communications via the internet, using "M2M" Technology, and the dawn of a new era "Internet of Things", our new product TrCAMS™ (Traffic Controller Asset Management System) we have been able to transfer 1980's technology onto a 21st century media.

Implementing the best of ECHOES and CATS for interrogation purposes TrCAMS™ has grown into a 'future proof' product.

Now TrCAMS™ is a Remote Monitoring System with functions ranging from email and SMS notifications to a Fault Analysis tool, TrCAMS™ is an independent system able to monitor the oldest traffic light signal controller that uses an RS232 engineer's port. Greatly reducing the need to upgrade to present systems.


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